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Here are some of our current and past clients...



IDB helped Actelion USA to develop and launch the first online reporting system utilizing Business Objects. The IDB team provided top-notch expertise for the project, developed a great solution, has been clear on timelines and scope and met all deadlines. Having such a strong player as IDB on the project team was a key factor to making the launch of the system a success.

Eugenia Rutenberg, Information Manager, Actelion USA



IDB Consulting provided exceptional professional work and service, the consultant was so good that even the COO wanted to hire him.

Pamela Vaughan, The SAK VP Information Technology



"In our view only IDB had the right approach to minimize the costs and reduce the project risks. And they delivered! Bottom line, they walk their talk and are great people to work with. Highly unusual in this industry!

Yves Huin, Managing Partner, Tech-Energy Network

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